‘Safety Not Guaranteed’ Review


With a plot so rife with twists and turns safety is most certainly not guaranteed whilst watching this indie/sci-fi infusion. Starring the ever-sarcastic Aubrey Plaza as jaded magazine intern Darius, who volunteers to assist her arrogant boss Jeff (Jake Johnson) investigate a mysterious ad placed by a supposed time-traveller.

At the start of the film we have the cliché melancholy plot that hangs over many indie films: dead mother, no social life and a dead-end job however this all changes within the first 10 minutes as Darius is chosen to go out into the field and track down the author of an ad requesting a partner to go time-travelling with: Kenneth (Mark Duplass).

Plaza’s famous dry humour brings realism and comic relief to a seemingly zany plot whilst tackling darker undertones, as the film continues we gradually learn more about Kenneth and attempt to decipher the state of his mental health; is he nuts or a genius? As Darius and Kenneth form a close bond and begin to realise that things in the present aren’t so bad after all, the film starts to shift into rom-com territory we are under the impression that there’ll be a sweet happily ever after- which is the precise moment when everything changes and we’re brought right back to Earth again with a tear-jerking plot twist.

A refreshing change from your average indie films, Safety Not Guaranteed is well written, cast and directed. Definite must see for anyone looking for something a bit different from the likes of ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’, that will actually leave you feeling good after you’ve watched it rather than depressed and sobbing. I rate it 4/5 stars and suggest that you wear your seatbelts and helmets for this emotional rollercoaster ride!




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