Okay, I know retouching photos is a tad controversial but for those of you who simply want to rub their ex’s nose in it or just wanna up their “selfie game”, here is my simple guide on how to be artificially good looking.

NOTE: I am using Adobe Photoshop CS4, I realise that not everyone has photoshop but there are many free programs such as GIMP and Paint.Net which have similar/the same tools as I’ll be talking about here.

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 15.52.21

  • Let us begin with the acne demolition derby, there are several ways to do this – I like to vary by size/texture etc. So for the big boys I like to use the patch tool: Firstly, circle the little bastard and then once selected drag your cursor to a nice smooth area of skin which fits the tone of the affected area – for example a cheek or forehead. Photoshop will blend this into the original which should give a smooth finish like this………….

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 15.54.00

  • Now we’re just left with some beautiful acne scars and sexy pigmentation so for these areas just use either the spot healing tool or the healing tool. The ordinary healing tool works manually, so you would press ALT whilst clicking on a good area to sample from and then click on areas you’d like to cover. The spot healing tool basically does this all for you but can be less accurate – here is the result…

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 15.55.47


Next I’m going to use the burn tool to put some shadows on my face – this sounds silly but just think of it like digital contouring. Burn where it says contour and Dodge where it says highlight.

  • So first off, my eyebrows look pathetic so I’m starting with subtly burning along the brow to give a fuller appearance.

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 16.00.59

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 16.02.39

Above is what you’ll get when you finish burning the other areas of your face – pay close attention to your cheekbone.

Then dodge the other areas and you should now have an ok-ish looking photo??

Please note that I have exaggerated the tools for use in an example format but if you want a more ‘natural’ look then less is more! And yes I’m aware that I haven’t smoothed it out but and have a caveman-esque brow in this photo THANK YOU.

If you have any questions or requests please just email me or leave a comment x

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How to choose the perfect prom dress…

Untitled 1

So as the New Year begins it’s only natural for 2014’s future prom queens to be scouring the internet for their perfect prom dresses – all with a dream dress idea in the back of their minds I’m sure. When I was 15 I actually did my work experience in a prom dress boutique in my home town and what I’ll always remember is these girls coming in with very specific ideas for their dress and leaving with something completely different BUT something that would most likely suit them a lot better than their previous idea.

The easiest way to stun everyone in your prom dress is to pick a colour that you wouldn’t usually wear, for example if you wear a lot of black maybe go for something really bright like a nice red dress… red after all has a reputation for being a stand-out sexy colour and is sure to have everyone’s eyes on you and you alone.


However if you really want to find your perfect prom dress, it’s important to shop for your body shape.  If any of you are fans of Gok Wan like me you’ll know that by dressing for your shape you can really enhance your appearance to another level-  to find out which body shape you are please check out:

I personally fit into the boring rectangular shape category, which basically means I’m slim but not well endowed in the curves department so when I’m shopping I go for clothes which will give the illusion of a curvaceous figure. To do this I go for dresses which highlight my boobs – maybe with a lower neckline in a fitted fabric that also emphasizes my small waist with some kind of frilled/pleated design.

Untitled 5
Such as the gorgeous pink dress above, for just £69.99! I’ve genuinely never seen such a vast selection of prom dresses for such cheap prices… if only I could go back in time and have my prom again!

One of the most common body shapes is the pear shape- meaning you’re blessed with a more curvaceous derrière but with less up top. The key to championing the pear shape is to balance out your proportions, in terms of a prom dress your best option is a dress with some form of embellishment around the chest and floor length floaty material such as chiffon; this sweetheart neckline is not only gorgeous but will be gorgeous on you too…


Next up is the envied hourglass shape – if you’re lucky to have big boobs as well as a nice arse and slim waist then congratulations you have won at life! For you the key is in the waistline, look out for a dress with an embellished or belted waist

Untitled 8

This dress couldn’t be more perfect for an hourglass gal and for £89 you really will not find any cheaper!

Whatever your shape or budget is well worth a gander, I really wish I knew about them before my prom in which I ended up going in a cheap dress I found in new look…


It seemed like a good idea at the time but looking back I’d have been able to get a dress 5X as nice from 1dress for about the same price!

Remember kids, take your time and choose wisely!


DIY: Clovey Oranges



Okay so these are literally the most basic things to make ever, a monkey could easily do this and I’m not joking

So firstly all you need are two things – can you guess what?

YES, that’s right all you need are some cloves which you can get really cheaply from your local health food shop and an orange/satsuma or something like that


Please excuse my awful nails, I didn’t realise they’d gotten so bad and quite frankly I don’t really care. So anyway, decide on a design for your orange or whatever poor fruit you’ve decided to stab your cloves into. You could pencil on your design if you’re a bit OCD or whatever, or if like me you’re just in this for the fun then go freestyle baby! I’ve gone for a wonky heart design on this occasion, I did debate going for something phallic but thought it might be a bit inappropriate haha



Then just fill in the space and VOILA