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Excuse the gormless look on my mug, this is my latest eBay bargain – as far as I’m aware this skirt/similar versions are still being sold at Topshop for £40+ but I bagged mine for £9.50!  Remember the first rule of online shopping: Check eBay first! The vest top I’m wearing was £1 from H&M – YES £1 – WTF RIGHT?!

These leather look skirts are excellent for adding a bit of texture and sass to any boring outfit and can be paired with almost anything, it’s just a case of being creative and resourceful with what you’ve already got. I will be making this little number a staple piece from now on!




I’ve done a lot this summer; girls’ holiday, festivals, working a mundane summer job at 3am 4 days a week…

Needless to say my bank balance has been rather under the weather as of late, meaning my usual “TREAT YO SELF” shopping trips have completely gone out the window! When it comes to style though one must always remain creative and optimistic even on the darkest of days when the Newlook sale is suddenly way beyond your budget. On a trip to Lincoln to see my dear friend Hollie we decided to wander through its vast array of charity shops, which is where I found the H&M snake-print dress for £2.00 (snake print is my guilty pleasure, sorry), it was giving me an Alexa Chung vibe I just couldn’t say no to.

The shoes were actually from the previously mentioned girls’ holiday to the classy land of Kavos, Corfu. We thought it would be a good idea to catch a bus to Corfu Town, in such of fake Ray Bans and passable Mulberry purses – in reality all we found were very rude shop assistants in the few shops which were actually open. The shoes came from one of these very rude shop assistants, even though normally I would have just walked out after receiving such awful service but…well – these shoes were only €5 so I actually bought 2 pairs in different colours oops. I may be wrong here but I think that’s about £3? Giving me a beautiful grand total of FIVE POUNDS!! *Applause for the £5 wonder*

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“Surprise bitch, bet you’d thought you’d seen the last of me”.


Sorry for the lapse of posts over the last few months – but fear not, I have many excuses in the form of essays, deadlines, laziness and drunken nights out (but we won’t discuss those). Oh and also I’m now the social media manager for a new up and coming luxury menswear designer Helen Anthony, so I’ve been rather busy with that (I would appreciate it if y’all had a gander/follow and made me look good merci merci)…


I have also been dabbling in the not so wonderful world of modeling, I’ll explain about that more later but I’ll just give you a little taster below


DSC_0030 (3)




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Wish ‘I was rich’ List

So, currently I’m having some on going technical difficulties – unfortunately my SD card slot has kicked the bucket meaning it’s hard for me to upload decent photos on here, so for the time being I’m limited to what I can actually post get out the violins.
Going to try a new wish list feature instead, thought it’d be appropriate to go with a Valentine’s theme, if this was last year I probably would’ve just written a bitter post about how much I hate the commercialization of Valentine’s BUT this year I’m pleased to say that I actually have a Valentine for the first time in the shameful 19 years I’ve graced this Earth! Is he blind?!? (Might do one anyway just because I love a good rant)
But anyway this is a collection of very expensive garments and treats that I could maybe pray save for, one day when I actually have a decent job I’m buying myself a Burberry mac because I’ll bloody deserve it and probably worked hard for it.
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ASOS Sale Haul

So, this year saying the January sales have been disappointing would be a massive understatement and I was left feeling slightly down about my lack of bargains – that is until I found the ASOS sale! Over 70% off on literally thousands of items, I could’ve kitted myself out for the next two years, no problem!

So at a grand total of £37 these are what I purchased…


The most expensive of my purchases was this gorgeous cobalt scarf-print dress for about £27, from ASOS it’s self. It’s one of those dresses you can wear any season and to any occasion so I consider this a cheap investment rather than a drain on my bank balance 😉





Next up is this bargain at about £7.50, it looks ridiculously good on- I was actually quite shocked! In fact I may well order the blue version of it before it’s out of stock – (if it’s not already).



Last but not least this tee by Jacqueline De Yong, there are 2 things I justified this buy with…

  1. It was £3.50 … no I’m not high, it really was £3.50!
  2. ‘H’ is my 2nd initial so..
  3. Ok there’s 3 reasons, I just really wanted it okay – quit it with the 3rd degree man


Also you may be wondering why my walls are manky and unpainted/wallpapered – no I don’t live in a crack den, my wall had damp so my parents started drying it out whilst I was at uni!

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How to choose the perfect prom dress…

Untitled 1

So as the New Year begins it’s only natural for 2014’s future prom queens to be scouring the internet for their perfect prom dresses – all with a dream dress idea in the back of their minds I’m sure. When I was 15 I actually did my work experience in a prom dress boutique in my home town and what I’ll always remember is these girls coming in with very specific ideas for their dress and leaving with something completely different BUT something that would most likely suit them a lot better than their previous idea.

The easiest way to stun everyone in your prom dress is to pick a colour that you wouldn’t usually wear, for example if you wear a lot of black maybe go for something really bright like a nice red dress… red after all has a reputation for being a stand-out sexy colour and is sure to have everyone’s eyes on you and you alone.


However if you really want to find your perfect prom dress, it’s important to shop for your body shape.  If any of you are fans of Gok Wan like me you’ll know that by dressing for your shape you can really enhance your appearance to another level-  to find out which body shape you are please check out: http://www.bodyshapefashionadvice.com/

I personally fit into the boring rectangular shape category, which basically means I’m slim but not well endowed in the curves department so when I’m shopping I go for clothes which will give the illusion of a curvaceous figure. To do this I go for dresses which highlight my boobs – maybe with a lower neckline in a fitted fabric that also emphasizes my small waist with some kind of frilled/pleated design.

Untitled 5
Such as the gorgeous pink dress above, for just £69.99! I’ve genuinely never seen such a vast selection of prom dresses for such cheap prices… if only I could go back in time and have my prom again!

One of the most common body shapes is the pear shape- meaning you’re blessed with a more curvaceous derrière but with less up top. The key to championing the pear shape is to balance out your proportions, in terms of a prom dress your best option is a dress with some form of embellishment around the chest and floor length floaty material such as chiffon; this sweetheart neckline is not only gorgeous but will be gorgeous on you too…


Next up is the envied hourglass shape – if you’re lucky to have big boobs as well as a nice arse and slim waist then congratulations you have won at life! For you the key is in the waistline, look out for a dress with an embellished or belted waist

Untitled 8

This dress couldn’t be more perfect for an hourglass gal and for £89 you really will not find any cheaper!

Whatever your shape or budget http://www.1dress.co.uk is well worth a gander, I really wish I knew about them before my prom in which I ended up going in a cheap dress I found in new look…


It seemed like a good idea at the time but looking back I’d have been able to get a dress 5X as nice from 1dress for about the same price!

Remember kids, take your time and choose wisely!


Boxing Day Haul


So Christmas is coming to an end but do not fear as the season of sales is just beginning! Yesterday my mother and I ventured into the surprisingly not too busy sales looking for bargains – and bargains we found.


  • Blazer £14 Next
  • Lee Cooper jeans £20 from TK Maxx – BARGAIN !!!!!! (and they are stupidly comfy for skinny jeans!)




Big thank you to the lovely Beth Barkway for taking these photos for me 🙂