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“Surprise bitch, bet you’d thought you’d seen the last of me”.


Sorry for the lapse of posts over the last few months – but fear not, I have many excuses in the form of essays, deadlines, laziness and drunken nights out (but we won’t discuss those). Oh and also I’m now the social media manager for a new up and coming luxury menswear designer Helen Anthony, so I’ve been rather busy with that (I would appreciate it if y’all had a gander/follow and made me look good merci merci)…


I have also been dabbling in the not so wonderful world of modeling, I’ll explain about that more later but I’ll just give you a little taster below


DSC_0030 (3)




Out and About




Had such a lovely Christmas yesterday, I didn’t get a Michael Kors watch like the rest of instagram – mainly clothes and a few practical bits for uni which I might write a post about later. I asked for mainly small bits and pieces so I can easily take them to and from uni.

These were a few personal faves, particularly loving the money tissues and the Morrissey autobiography which I cannot wait to get my teeth into. As well as the retro radio cookie box, that’ll come in verrrry handy I’m sure.


Bubbles the cat taking ownership fgs, below are a few instagram snaps I took of the day




Isn’t my brother adorable?!

Out and About

Christmas at the cottage…

So I’ve been home from uni for about a week now and Christmas is right around the corner, I thought I’d share a few interior snap shots of my little cottage in the middle of nowhere Lincolnshire countryside all decked out for Christmas…








Every year we always make these, I don’t really know what to call them – let’s go with errrrrrm… Clovey Oranges? Anyway I dunno if this is just a weird tradition that my family do or if it’s common but I’ve made a little DIY post HERE so you can join in the clove fun


Out and About

My weekend


After my photoshoot with Verity (photos coming next week)…

I was stupidly excited to learn that the Christmas market had pitched up in Southampton high-street, you could literally smell Christmas a mile off! It was predominantly German cuisine on offer, I wish I got a photo of the massive pan full of b-e-a-u-tiful looking hot dog sausages, I think I’ll make it a priority to nip back there for tea one night this week seeing as I only have spaghetti and a couple of chicken dippers left in my cupboard currently.



Also managed to track down a stall selling Belgian waffles for £2.50, was hoping to get one smothered in nutella but never mind, chocolate sauce was a close 2nd best.

And of course I couldn’t visit the highstreet without popping into H&M…


Okay, if you know me you’ll be aware of the fact that I’m always on the look out for stuff with my name on, this stems from a frustated 5-year-old version of myself hating her name because she could never find any keyrings with it on in shops – except of course the hilarious “Didn’t have your name” ones – wow they never get old, good one guys!! 

So when I saw this necklace in H&M I HAD to buy it, regardless of how much it cost or the fact that it is the tiniest bit tacky – I don’t give a crap, I feel this somewhat makes up for a childhood which was deprived of personalized mugs and pens.

ImageImageSorry about the very poor image quality of these leggings, it’s not easy to take photos in my uni room so I have to just stick it on self timer and pray for the best. Anyway until recently I passionately hated leggings, probably because when they became fashionable again people were wearing the really thin lycra ones as trousers when in reality they’re meant to act as TIGHTS! You know exactly what I’m talking about! 

Times have changed, now they have a bit more substance, the ones above are SOOOOOO comfy and such good quality, at £17 I think they’re something I could easily wear a lot and they go with pretty much everything so how could I not???????


God my skin looks awful today, I’ve recently invested in Mederma scar gel, to try and fade some of my acne scars, I’ve only been using it a few days any am already starting to see progress so after a month I’ll probably do a review and show you just how much it’s working. I actually bought it from ebay, I’ve never seen it in a shop – not even sure if it’s stocked in the UK, but I’ll tell you what compared to this stuff – Bio Oil looks like pathetic (does not work)

Out and About

My first internship interview…

After applying on a whim, I was shocked and flattered that I received a reply from the designer in question only a few hours after I’d sent my email. The job was on none other than Regent Street, right next to Calvin Klein no less which was kind of a WOW moment from seeing as a few short months ago I was wearing a hairnet and baseball cap to work with the Greggs logo brandished across my forehead… ANYWHERE is better than Greggs! I even bought a dress especially, the famous black & white tweed number  from the Lana Del Rey collection at H&M – which I’ve been lusting after for what feels like an eternity!

Unfortunately I didn’t look quite as good as Lana here, on the day of my interview it absolutely pissed it down – my hair was all damp and horrible and by the time I got there I resembled a drowned rat, sporting slightly smudged eye makeup and bright pink Barry M lipstick.  It took over 2 and a half hours on the National Express bus from Southampton, costing an extra £5 on top to change the time which I wasn’t overly thrilled about- so anyway, I got off the tube at Oxford Circus, I had allowed myself some extra time to locate the building which I found was necessary and had a bit of a wander around some designer stores such as Guess, which I blatenly couldn’t afford but the shop assistants were lovely never the less!

So anyway, I nervously went to the building where my interview was being held and signed in – was even given a swanky visitors’ pass I’ll have you know! I was a tad early but walked up to the design studio and knocked on the door, there were only two women working there, both were lovely and it was fascinating being in a real studio; decorated with pattern cuttings and framed magazine cuttings where they’d been featured.

I was told to sit down and make myself comfortable etc before the designer began to ask questions, part way through it became apparent to me that she clearly hadn’t read my CV properly, asking questions such as: So you don’t live in London? Would you be okay with updating our data bases? How good are you with InDesign and Photoshop?

All I could do was answer honestly, I clearly didn’t have the sort of past experience they wanted and lived in a rather inconvenient location. At this point I was thinking to myself “Well the only way I’m getting this job is if the other candidates are recent escapees from London Zoo”, and quite frankly I’d already decided I didn’t want it – if I made the effort to travel all the way to London and spend over £20 on transport, they should have had the common courtesy to actually read my CV before dragging me to London for a 5 minute interview that could have been conducted over the phone!

Afterwards I wasn’t really in the mood to go shopping so I got the tube back to Victoria to get the next coach home, I’d been really organised and decided to get an open return ticket BUT was blissfully unaware that I had to go and stand in a stupidly slow queue at the ticket office to get it validated before I could board the coach. It was a real “For fuck’s sake” moment.

After waiting for about an hour I was FINALLY able to get the coach back to Southampton, I was quite looking forward to the commute – 2 hours of none stop Lana Del Rey in my headphones with no interruptions: Perfecto! Once again this is me we’re talking about and in my life nothing is ever that simple, which is why I wasn’t at all surprised when the coach broke down in the middle lane of the M27 or whatever because the brakes had just decided not to work anymore.


And if you think I’m exaggerating – you sir are mistaken! Another national express bus came along and made a baracade across the hard shoulder and the first lane so us passengers could get off safely into the freezing cold – HURRAY!!!!!!!!

Yeah so erm, it was quite an experience if nothing else…

Out and About

Weekend in the city…

After nearly 3 months at university without seeing any friends from home I decided to pay my friend Steph a visit at her new home halls in Hampstead, London. For a weekend full of sight seeing, shopping, shopping, shopping!

When I arrived it was absolutely pissing it down and took me a good ten minutes to actually find Steph, who’d gone to the departure area rather than the arrivals! It then took us maybe a good 30 minutes to track down the right bus after being flashed by a drunk girl dressed up as a french maid and being yelled at by an irate bus driver with an accent I wasn’t at all familiar with.

After much deliberation we decided to spend Saturday in Camden, because despite living so close Steph had never been to the market there!

ImageWe fully explored all the nooks and crannies we could find, bartering as we went along of course. The poor student routine went down a treat and ended up with Steph getting £20 off a really nice emerald jumper from the market.

ImageFull of beautiful trinkets I literally could have spent my entire student loan in a day if I didn’t require food and alcohol transport.


I stupidly went out completely unprepared with no coat, a practically see-through top and rather uncomfortable boots for the day…but I still love this outfit regardless!

  • Leather Jacket – Zara
  • Top & Trousers – Primark
  • Bag- Justfab.co.uk
  • Boots- H&M

As you may have gathered the weather was of the crap variety – classic England, so it only seemed fitting to have a drink in the Winchester Costa till it all blew over.


Also if you do get a chance to explore in Camden the cyber dog shop is certainly worth a visit. It’s practically a rave inside, complete with dancers and strobe lighting – we actually had to queue to get in! I sneakily took a few photos before getting told off by a man with a mohawk…



Apologies for the poor image quality, I had to just use my iPhone camera as I stupidly left my camera battery back in sunny Southampton!