Ok, so admittedly this video is a fair bit on the shoddy side – I wanted to give video posts another go so it’s a bit trial and error. I tried to do it via my webcam but for some reason it came out really out of sync so I ended up putting my camera on a bookshelf and wandering around a bit. This was the final result, I’m gradually going to start posting more videos but give me a chance whilst I work out the kinks!


“I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness.”

The long awaited video masterpiece by Lana Del Rey has finally arrived, after months of waiting fans were now graced with the infamous ‘farewell project’, saying goodbye to the Born To Die album NOT MUSIC! Starring alongside albino model Shaun Ross, Lana combines songs : Gods and Monsters, Body Electric and Bel Air which are all featured on Born To Die: The Paradise Edition.

lana 1

In the 27 minute long, short film Del Rey plays an array of different personas from Eve in the Garden of Eden to a pole dancer in a seedy club, to create the beautiful visual imagery featured. At the LA premier last night, Lana announced that her next album will be titled Ultraviolence, but currently there is no indication of when it’ll be released – just that it exists which is good enough for me!

lana 2

Directed by Anthony Mandler, Tropico is a musical paradise in which Lana pays homage to her idols: Elvis and Marilyn. Whilst also showing her religious side by playing the Virgin Mary and begging for forgiveness for her sins.

lana 3

We can only hope that Ultraviolence can fill the shoes of Born To Die, if you’re not familiar with some of the Lana’s previous videos then here are a few of my favourites…

I was sent this rather fetching shower cap by the lovely people of savetheblowdry.com. The aim of the product is to keep your hair moisture free when going into the shower so you don’t need to waste your time blow drying it afterwards. It definitely does what it says on the tin and is a real time saver before a night out! It’d be a great mum/nan gift come Christmas, at £14.95, I wouldn’t call it particularly cheap but the proceeds got to the Khandel Light charity who provide fresh water and sanitation to under privileged countries across the world. So you wouldn’t only be giving someone a very practical gift you could actually be providing a child with clean water, so in that respect it’s very good value for money indeed!
I should probably add that it comes in a reusable wash bag, so in fact that’s sort of 3 gifts in 1 – WOWZA

It really puts those flimsy 50p ones you get in hotels to shame!!