12 Lies everyone tells you about university

  1. You’re flatmates will be instantly become your life long friends


You’ll probably end up strongly detesting the majority of them by second year.

  1. You go out every single night and return with wild and ridiculous stories


  1. Everyone experiments with drugs


I don’t think weed really counts anymore hun.

  1. That you’ll attend every single lecture and make the most of your massive loan


Paying £9k to nap everyday could be seen as a waste of money by some…

  1. That you’ll practically live in the library


lol where’s the library?!

  1. That halls is really, really fun.


Halls is really, really shit.

  1. That you’ll graduate with a 2:1 and 50 sexual partners

  1. That your long distance relationship will definitely work out

Not gonna happen.

  1. Students eat beans on toast and super-noodles 24/7

If this was true we’d have a generation of very malnourished 20 year olds.

  1. You’ll have loads of opportunities to visit your friends at other unis

Think again…

  1. Your uni is inadequate because it’s not in the guardian top 10

  1. You won’t miss home that much


Freshers Ball 2013


Freshers’ ball was probably the only event so far that I really struggled to find a suitable outfit for, I’d bought a long split dress especially from TK Maxx but was then told that people were going for the more ‘party dress’ kind of look as appose to ball gowns and prom dresses. This meant trawling through my wardrobe trying to find something not too slutty but not too smart… this is a bit of a challenge as I’m 5″8 meaning a lot of dresses barely cover my vajingo!

Until I realised I still had this little gem that I bought for about £5 – yes that’s right £5 from a Topshop sale last year, probably not long after the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations when everyone was going union jack crazy. Probably one of my best bargains of 2012, but it’s been stuck neglected and lonely for so long I thought it was high time it made it’s debut appearance in Southampton! I don’t think you can really go wrong with a bit of white lace and sequins, it’s quite effortless really and I generally doesn’t require a lot accessorizing – which is great for me as I think I’ve left the majority of my jewellery at home/ have no idea where I unpacked it in my uni room… oops

Hair as usual was slightly Lana Del Rey inspired and thought I’d stick to fairly simple make up with a bright pink Barry M lipstick to make it “pop”!


The ball its self was awesome, well to be honest I only know that part of it was awesome because I think I spent the majority of the night in a ‘Silent disco’, which for your information is freaking awesome – if you ever get the chance to go to one just do it they’re soooooo much fun! Was slightly disappointed that the fair ground rides weren’t free considering I paid £25 for a ticket to the ball but hey ho, maybe I’m just being a tight bastard but I am not paying for bumper cars.

The worst part of it was having to get to my 9am lecture the following morning, my god that took a lot of will power