New Year…Not so new me



Above is my friend Steph and I before we ventured out on the town for NYE.

Steph (left), is wearing a mesh H&M dress with shoes from Primani Primark and I’m wearing a dark green play-suit from Missguided, waist belt (that kept falling off) from New Look and shoes which I sort of accidentally bought from Just Fab, for £35.

Now to the point of this post…

I’ve been racking my brain trying to think of a new year’s resolution this year but nothing’s coming to mind. I don’t smoke, I’m not over weight and I don’t shoot heroin into my eye balls so all of the obvious options are fairly futile to me. Then I thought why should I change something about myself just because it’s time to buy a new calendar again? The only thing I could maybe promise for 2014 is to keep my room tidy but I don’t make promises if I have no intention to keep them sooooooo – that’s not gonna happen!

Instead I think I’ll make some goals for myself…

Untitled 1


Some more ambitious than others but I’ll take a punt at it at least!


Ok, so admittedly this video is a fair bit on the shoddy side – I wanted to give video posts another go so it’s a bit trial and error. I tried to do it via my webcam but for some reason it came out really out of sync so I ended up putting my camera on a bookshelf and wandering around a bit. This was the final result, I’m gradually going to start posting more videos but give me a chance whilst I work out the kinks!


Fai-Ho’s Cold Survival Guide

If like me you’ve been hit in the face by a winter’s cold involving a soar throat, a snotty nose that just won’t quit and feeling shit in general then look no further for tips on how to get on with your life with a face full of snot and a smile on your face.


This is me today, it didn’t show up in the photo but my nose now resembles that of Rudolph and for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to take a selfie with a soother in my mouth so that’s why I look like a chipmunk. If it wasn’t for the following few items I probably wouldn’t leave my bed for a solid week due to the snot equivalent to Niagara Falls in the centre of my face.

In fact I was so bad today I had to leave the silent study area in the library due to my excessive sniffling!


Okay so my number 1 most important item on this table is not my iPhone but in fact the Hall’s Soothers to the right, they’re on BOGOF at Tesco currently and I think they cost me no more than about 50p, since purchasing I’ve been on these bad boys like a chain smoker and they taste SOOOOOOOOOO nice now – (they used to be really minging).


Number 2, a nice hot chocolate to warm you up – it’s like a hug in a mug really, I mean I know it’s probably not the best suggestion for a sore throat but it will temporarily make you feel a hell of a lot better.

Thirdly, go and get a decent book – being a huge Bridget Jones fan I’m currently reading Helen Fielding‘s latest installment ‘mad about the boy’ which is currently shaping up to be quite an amusing read but if that’s not really for you I strongly recommend you invest in a copy of Game Of Thrones – that’s 100% guaranteed to make you forget all about your cold in an instant *pinky promise, touch thumbs* !

The B-active stuff in the yellow and green packaging there is basically a cheaper version of Berocca, full of vitamins and tastes like orange juice it’ll get you back on the road to recovery in no time.

Now, I know you’ve spotted the teddy bear there and are thinking; “Really? You’re 19 – grow up for god’s sake” – You are WRONG, this is no ordinary teddy bear THIS is a M&S teddy bear microwavable teddy bear, which smells all lavender-ish and lovely whilst of course being nice and warm, it should help you get nicely off to sleep when you’re having a rough day.


And last but not least don’t forget about your feet (haha that rhymed), if your feet are cold there’s a good chance you will be so put on your snuggest pair of slipper socks and relax – you deserve it!  


Tartan at the docks

On another shoot for Verity‘s photography project, we went down to the docks on a freeeeezing cold afternoon to shoot some photos, again these have all been taken using a film camera and not photo-shopped which I’m a tiny bit proud of haha






What I’m Wearing: 

Tartan Blazer – Punky Fish

Netted top – TK Maxx (can’t remember the name sorry)

High waisted black trousers – Primani

Boots – H&M

Lipstick – Kate Moss for Rimmel, shade 22


Little Black Jumpsuit

From the dawn of time the little black dress has been the go-to Christmas party essential, so easy, so classy, so simple. I feel that we’ve become blinkered in our search for the perfect party outfit, not realizing that while yes black is an easy colour to wear for all body types -it doesn’t necessarily need to be worn on a dress. The facts are that December is BLOODY cold and wearing dresses that barely reach your thighs, aren’t exactly what I’d call sufficient thermal insulators.

Having stolen away your staple dress option at this point you’re probably thinking “SO WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR THEN FAITH?!”, Calm down dear I’m getting there!

The perfect and practical answer to your prayers is…DUN DUN DUN – The Little Black Jumpsuit

Ok so when they first came back into fashion a lot of us turned our noses up, which is understandable when you think of some of the ghastly prints they had but they’ve been well and truly revived this year. They’ve started slowly creeping their way back into the shops in black cut out formation and here are some of my favourites…

1Image 1 of ASOS PETITE Exclusive Cami Crepe Jumpsuit

Image 1 of Oasis Sheer Panel Jumpsuit

3Image 1 of ASOS PETITE Exclusive Unitard With High Neck And Cut Out Back


  1. ASOS – £30
  2.  Oasis £70
  3. ASOS – £35
  4. Missguided £44.99

As you can see ASOS is leading the way on this particular band wagon, and I’m impressed with the prices too!


5 reasons why you need to get a beanie …


Firstly I just wanna say that until recently I HATED beanies, I think it was because of their hipster connotations, the fact that people were wearing them during summer and that a lot of them were branded with: “YOLO” or “LOL”  – which I cannot be doing with. In all honesty I think the thing which ‘turned me’ to beanies was having a 9am lecture on a Monday morning every week, meaning that I’d usually wake up late, stumble to the kitchen for breakfast, maybe have a shower if I had time, slap on a bit of foundation and whatever clothes are lying around. I don’t like having to choose between either having to go in with greasy hair or no make up so I feel like the beanie is a perfect disguise for the tragic 9am bad hair days.

Okay so why should you invest?…

  1. They’re so cheap, mine was about £3 from Primark and it’s soooooo snug!
  2. They’re warm and stop your ears getting frostbite and falling off – never a good look guys, trust me
  4. You can get away with wearing them alongside most autumn/winter outfits, especially in black
  5. They’re practical AND make your forehead look significantly smaller, I know this because mine is HUGE!

Topshop have got a pretty good selection of them at the moment, I particularly like the cable knit ones, might have to treat myself again…



ciao xxxxx


I was sent this rather fetching shower cap by the lovely people of savetheblowdry.com. The aim of the product is to keep your hair moisture free when going into the shower so you don’t need to waste your time blow drying it afterwards. It definitely does what it says on the tin and is a real time saver before a night out! It’d be a great mum/nan gift come Christmas, at £14.95, I wouldn’t call it particularly cheap but the proceeds got to the Khandel Light charity who provide fresh water and sanitation to under privileged countries across the world. So you wouldn’t only be giving someone a very practical gift you could actually be providing a child with clean water, so in that respect it’s very good value for money indeed!
I should probably add that it comes in a reusable wash bag, so in fact that’s sort of 3 gifts in 1 – WOWZA

It really puts those flimsy 50p ones you get in hotels to shame!!