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At university I was recently set a sill-life brief, my first instinct was to head down to Primark and get as much random/cheap jewellery as humanly possible. I think I spent around £20 which I regret now having just checked my bank balance but I thought I’d share the fruits of my labour avec tu 🙂


New Year…Not so new me



Above is my friend Steph and I before we ventured out on the town for NYE.

Steph (left), is wearing a mesh H&M dress with shoes from Primani Primark and I’m wearing a dark green play-suit from Missguided, waist belt (that kept falling off) from New Look and shoes which I sort of accidentally bought from Just Fab, for £35.

Now to the point of this post…

I’ve been racking my brain trying to think of a new year’s resolution this year but nothing’s coming to mind. I don’t smoke, I’m not over weight and I don’t shoot heroin into my eye balls so all of the obvious options are fairly futile to me. Then I thought why should I change something about myself just because it’s time to buy a new calendar again? The only thing I could maybe promise for 2014 is to keep my room tidy but I don’t make promises if I have no intention to keep them sooooooo – that’s not gonna happen!

Instead I think I’ll make some goals for myself…

Untitled 1


Some more ambitious than others but I’ll take a punt at it at least!


5 reasons why you need to get a beanie …


Firstly I just wanna say that until recently I HATED beanies, I think it was because of their hipster connotations, the fact that people were wearing them during summer and that a lot of them were branded with: “YOLO” or “LOL”  – which I cannot be doing with. In all honesty I think the thing which ‘turned me’ to beanies was having a 9am lecture on a Monday morning every week, meaning that I’d usually wake up late, stumble to the kitchen for breakfast, maybe have a shower if I had time, slap on a bit of foundation and whatever clothes are lying around. I don’t like having to choose between either having to go in with greasy hair or no make up so I feel like the beanie is a perfect disguise for the tragic 9am bad hair days.

Okay so why should you invest?…

  1. They’re so cheap, mine was about £3 from Primark and it’s soooooo snug!
  2. They’re warm and stop your ears getting frostbite and falling off – never a good look guys, trust me
  4. You can get away with wearing them alongside most autumn/winter outfits, especially in black
  5. They’re practical AND make your forehead look significantly smaller, I know this because mine is HUGE!

Topshop have got a pretty good selection of them at the moment, I particularly like the cable knit ones, might have to treat myself again…



ciao xxxxx

Out and About

Weekend in the city…

After nearly 3 months at university without seeing any friends from home I decided to pay my friend Steph a visit at her new home halls in Hampstead, London. For a weekend full of sight seeing, shopping, shopping, shopping!

When I arrived it was absolutely pissing it down and took me a good ten minutes to actually find Steph, who’d gone to the departure area rather than the arrivals! It then took us maybe a good 30 minutes to track down the right bus after being flashed by a drunk girl dressed up as a french maid and being yelled at by an irate bus driver with an accent I wasn’t at all familiar with.

After much deliberation we decided to spend Saturday in Camden, because despite living so close Steph had never been to the market there!

ImageWe fully explored all the nooks and crannies we could find, bartering as we went along of course. The poor student routine went down a treat and ended up with Steph getting £20 off a really nice emerald jumper from the market.

ImageFull of beautiful trinkets I literally could have spent my entire student loan in a day if I didn’t require food and alcohol transport.


I stupidly went out completely unprepared with no coat, a practically see-through top and rather uncomfortable boots for the day…but I still love this outfit regardless!

  • Leather Jacket – Zara
  • Top & Trousers – Primark
  • Bag- Justfab.co.uk
  • Boots- H&M

As you may have gathered the weather was of the crap variety – classic England, so it only seemed fitting to have a drink in the Winchester Costa till it all blew over.


Also if you do get a chance to explore in Camden the cyber dog shop is certainly worth a visit. It’s practically a rave inside, complete with dancers and strobe lighting – we actually had to queue to get in! I sneakily took a few photos before getting told off by a man with a mohawk…



Apologies for the poor image quality, I had to just use my iPhone camera as I stupidly left my camera battery back in sunny Southampton!


When I was about 13/14 years old, I heard Made Of Bricks by Kate Nash and became absolutely infatuated with her quirky hopeless romantic anecdotes which I later found I could really identify with during the days of my lost and confused teenage love life or the lack of it.
I still cringe a bit at the thought of myself printing out a photo of Kate from google images and asking for my hairdresser to replicate it, just as I’d done a few years before with Nadine from Girls Aloud – but let’s not go down the road…

I always loved Kate’s style, the vintage dresses and pretty shoes were maybe where I got a lot of my fashion tastes from today. I remember at the time I just had to settle with wearing summery dresses from Primark because the only thing we had remotely close to a vintage shop in my home town was Cancer Research! I just loved the way she could express herself through her clothes, she never felt the need to follow trends, if anything she set them.

That’s why I think at first I was a little shocked when Kate went down the whole ‘riot girl’ route, I was probably just confused if anything – where had cute little Kate and her chirpy keyboard gone?!

– Underestimate the girl, Kate Nash
Was just so punky I couldn’t get my head round it and I honestly think it scared me off a bit, so much so it’s taken me till now to listen to her Girl Talk album! I really wish I had done sooner because songs like OMYGOD and 3am currently just sum up my life perfectly. I adore the 50s/60s looks Kate’s got going on the videos and particularly lyrics like : The sun’s shining down on me but I’m not getting no vitamin D, really made me laugh. Once again her charming wit and analogies that I loved have been returned to where they belong.

‘Girl Talk’ Kate’s new album, talks about how lost we feel after losing someone from our lives and how the little things remind us of them – particularly from a woman’s point of view. How it feels to be repressed and how you notice things when you’re no longer with them, in an upbeat indie style. I truly have been converted to Kate’s new style and as soon as I get paid I’ll be LEGALLY purchasing Girl Talk from the lovely people of iTunes! – Keep it up Kate