Faith loves...

Okay, so today I had the pleasure on stumbling across Reason clothing’s website during my procrastination journey through the realms of cyber-space and I LOVE IT. The two things I love most in the world fashion and my cat satire, have been beautifully combined in a range of witty garments. My personal fave being the Prima donna/Prada tee on the left there – if anyone wants to treat me to one please feel free as I’m currently riding the overdraft train!

Oh and by the way, they currently have a sale on so MOVE MOVE MOVE


Faith loves…


Miu Miu – S/S 14 Collection review


It’s to no surprise that Miu Miu continued to provide a bold and unique show for PFW once again. Prada has provided us with a sweet, innocent, fairly tale style collection with a twist; particularly in the red two piece ensemble above – I get a real ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ vibe, not that that’s a bad thing in anyway! Paired with pastilles, there really aren’t many designers who could pull off such eye catching clashes as Miu Miu and make it work.

It wouldn’t be a true Miu Miu show if it wasn’t for the famous prints, and I was not disappointed. Smartly worked into jackets in such a subtle format gave a playful edge which can still be taken seriously, matched up with those killer knee high boots would make anyone take a second glance. I really like the combinations of textures used in these looks: fringed trims meet leather and suede in this story book adventure. Although this collection is sweet and brilliant, the bar was set pretty high a few years ago with Miu Miu’s iconic 2010 show which made the innocent cat/bird prints an object of envy for any fashionista.