How to cook for less than £2 a day for a week in about 10 minutes

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As a student I know how tight money is rent day but there is no reason for you to starve in order to keep a roof over your head, when you can eat healthily for less than the price of 2 Jagerbombs.

  1. Buy your ingredients in bulk, this means that you can freeze any extras for another day without them going off.
  • You will need:
  • 1X Bag of frozen peppers
  • Pre-prepared stir fry pork
  • Large packet of egg noodles
  • Jar/sachet of sauce of your choice
  • 1x saucepan
  • 1x frying pan
  1. Firstly, put a drop of sunflower oil into your frying pan, add a handful of the pork and continuously stir. Meanwhile add one portion of noodles to your saucepan with 250ml of water, when water boils turn down the heat and allow simmering.
  1. When the meat is no longer pink add a handful of peppers and continue stirring until meat has browned and peppers are no longer frozen. This should only take 5 mins. Add sauce to the pan stirring on a slightly lower heat to avoid it sticking to your pan.
  1. By now your noodles should be ready to be drained, use a collindar or if you don’t have one drain the water with a pan lid. Add noodles to the meat and stir in until fully mixed. If you want to experiment with herbs or spices add them now.
  1. Carefully pour onto a plate and enjoy your meal, put all left over meant and frozen veg into either the freezer/fridge and enjoy throughout the week as a substitute to your usual weekly Chinese. Alternatively cook a big batch and store in tubs so you don’t have to cook.
Out and About

My weekend


After my photoshoot with Verity (photos coming next week)…

I was stupidly excited to learn that the Christmas market had pitched up in Southampton high-street, you could literally smell Christmas a mile off! It was predominantly German cuisine on offer, I wish I got a photo of the massive pan full of b-e-a-u-tiful looking hot dog sausages, I think I’ll make it a priority to nip back there for tea one night this week seeing as I only have spaghetti and a couple of chicken dippers left in my cupboard currently.



Also managed to track down a stall selling Belgian waffles for £2.50, was hoping to get one smothered in nutella but never mind, chocolate sauce was a close 2nd best.

And of course I couldn’t visit the highstreet without popping into H&M…


Okay, if you know me you’ll be aware of the fact that I’m always on the look out for stuff with my name on, this stems from a frustated 5-year-old version of myself hating her name because she could never find any keyrings with it on in shops – except of course the hilarious “Didn’t have your name” ones – wow they never get old, good one guys!! 

So when I saw this necklace in H&M I HAD to buy it, regardless of how much it cost or the fact that it is the tiniest bit tacky – I don’t give a crap, I feel this somewhat makes up for a childhood which was deprived of personalized mugs and pens.

ImageImageSorry about the very poor image quality of these leggings, it’s not easy to take photos in my uni room so I have to just stick it on self timer and pray for the best. Anyway until recently I passionately hated leggings, probably because when they became fashionable again people were wearing the really thin lycra ones as trousers when in reality they’re meant to act as TIGHTS! You know exactly what I’m talking about! 

Times have changed, now they have a bit more substance, the ones above are SOOOOOO comfy and such good quality, at £17 I think they’re something I could easily wear a lot and they go with pretty much everything so how could I not???????


God my skin looks awful today, I’ve recently invested in Mederma scar gel, to try and fade some of my acne scars, I’ve only been using it a few days any am already starting to see progress so after a month I’ll probably do a review and show you just how much it’s working. I actually bought it from ebay, I’ve never seen it in a shop – not even sure if it’s stocked in the UK, but I’ll tell you what compared to this stuff – Bio Oil looks like pathetic (does not work)