Faith Dates: Keen Kevin

tumblr_n24hnr8Qzk1rufg6eo4_1280 One October night during freshers’ week, there was an American ‘frat’ themed party at a local student indie night. In an excited and quite possibly delusional state, I assumed this meant fancy dress and turned my room upside searching for the cheerleader uniform I’d been waiting to wear for the past 2 years. Got to the club…it wasn’t fancy dress – nobody was dressed up, not even the freshers. Profanities spilled from my mouth like word vomit as I waited 15 minutes for a vodka & coke as my lovely flatmates put stickers in my hair – obviously I didn’t notice/didn’t care until I caught the eye of a tall blonde guy across the bar. He walked over and said “Can I sing you a song?”, I reluctantly agreed as he sang: “That girl with 5 stickers in her hair” to me and ripped them from my high pony tail.

Half an hour later I had stacked it on the dance floor, cried, then cried more because my mascara had gone in my eyes and I was now “BLIND”. After my recovery Keen Kevin (he wasn’t actually called Kevin), came over again (he didn’t see me stack it) for a chat where he charmed me with his Game of Thrones knowledge and we exchanged numbers. I’d be lying if I wasn’t very smug about this as Kevin as we say in England was “WELL FIT”.

The next day we chatted via text and he invited me to a house party, I declined because well I’d only just met him and we know what happens at house parties don’t we? During general chit-chat he divulged to me that he is a vegetarian and bragged that he used to be a vegan. Now I know a lot of you may see this as a serious plus but I’m really not into the whole ‘preachy vegetarian’ thing which he really, really was and kind of wanted to end things right there. After much discussion with my panel of dating experts (the galz), they said it’s probably not an okay thing to bin someone off for so I continued talking to Kevin despite his dietary requirements. The next day I thought “fuck it”, and agreed to go on a date with Keen Kevin, we had drinks near the harbour whilst he talked about himself/the environment at length and turned everything into a philosophical quote whilst I tried to stay conscious. tumblr_ndbw80dzSO1qfhl14o1_500 There was no spark there, not even a flicker in my opinion but Keen Kevin didn’t seem to take the hint and proceeded to annoy me for the following 3/4 days. Trying to meet up everyday to which I made up a half arse excuse like “I’m making a pasta bake then ringing Hollie”. Still he didn’t get it. To the point where he actually invited himself round – this was the final straw. image1 image2


Yeah, there’s no real moral here but I thought you might enjoy my first ‘dating dating’ experience, which I’m not that fussed about doing again anytime soon.


Lady in red

As we slowly creep our way into November, the winter party season looms above our heads and everyone starts debating whether they’ll get away with wearing last years dress again. This time of year there are plenty of things which simply never change or maybe take a few years to at least, what I’m mostly referring to is colour now I think people get a bit too comfortable with the whole ‘little black dress’ idea, including myself – in 2012 I must have accumulated at least 5 of them, all pretty similar characteristics, all as nice as the one before but where is the excitement? I remember during my year 10 work experience placement in a prom dress shop back home one tip given to the girls searching for their dream dress was to: “Go for a colour you wouldn’t usually wear”. I totally agree, when turning up somewhere with familiar faces who know your style etc, why would they be amazed at you flouncing in wearing a little black dress? They probably won’t even notice that you’ve made an effort, the trick is to surprise them – don’t be predictable, do not let yourself become trapped in a cage built on the whole “black is sexy and goes with everything mantra” because it will get you no where.

red dress


Now here’s an example of a dress that’ll get you noticed, I bought this from Rare @ Topshop about a year ago, I like to think of it as the sort of dress where you can decide how daring you’d like to go with it – simply be how you choose to do your hair for example. Here I’ve gone for a subtle look, hair over the opposite shoulder to the sleeved one, keeping some mystery value alive, it shows just enough skin to be sexy whilst not tarty. A similar aim to the little black dress however this one will get you more compliments and envious glares from across the room. However the cut out style this dress provides can be a tricky one to operate and does require a certain level of confidence to actually wear. In this situation I have another solution for you, and in all honesty it completely depends on your body type and  what you feel confident wearing.


This dress maybe isn’t the best example but if your body shape is more curvaceous then this might be for you, a mesh insert dress subtly highlights your assets   curves and gives almost a 3D shading that you can’t really get from anything else, in fact even if like me you weren’t really blessed with said assets then this can actually provide the illusion that you do! It just says “Yeah, I know my boobs look good in this don’t they?”. If you could buy self confidence is a physical form the mesh dress would be it for sure.

So step out of your little black dress comfort zone and express your self with new colours and textures, you’ll be overwhelmed with the compliments you receive!