Day in the life…

This week was my mum’s 47th birthday so to celebrate I met up with her and the rest of my family in London. Unfortunately my phone died before I had the chance to film the more interesting things such as seeing the amazing ‘Let It Be’ in Leicester Square but heyho.


Primark Accessories Haul

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 12.07.47

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 12.08.49

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 12.12.04

At university I was recently set a sill-life brief, my first instinct was to head down to Primark and get as much random/cheap jewellery as humanly possible. I think I spent around £20 which I regret now having just checked my bank balance but I thought I’d share the fruits of my labour avec tu 🙂


Little Black Jumpsuit

From the dawn of time the little black dress has been the go-to Christmas party essential, so easy, so classy, so simple. I feel that we’ve become blinkered in our search for the perfect party outfit, not realizing that while yes black is an easy colour to wear for all body types -it doesn’t necessarily need to be worn on a dress. The facts are that December is BLOODY cold and wearing dresses that barely reach your thighs, aren’t exactly what I’d call sufficient thermal insulators.

Having stolen away your staple dress option at this point you’re probably thinking “SO WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR THEN FAITH?!”, Calm down dear I’m getting there!

The perfect and practical answer to your prayers is…DUN DUN DUN – The Little Black Jumpsuit

Ok so when they first came back into fashion a lot of us turned our noses up, which is understandable when you think of some of the ghastly prints they had but they’ve been well and truly revived this year. They’ve started slowly creeping their way back into the shops in black cut out formation and here are some of my favourites…

1Image 1 of ASOS PETITE Exclusive Cami Crepe Jumpsuit

Image 1 of Oasis Sheer Panel Jumpsuit

3Image 1 of ASOS PETITE Exclusive Unitard With High Neck And Cut Out Back


  1. ASOS – £30
  2.  Oasis £70
  3. ASOS – £35
  4. Missguided £44.99

As you can see ASOS is leading the way on this particular band wagon, and I’m impressed with the prices too!

Out and About

My weekend


After my photoshoot with Verity (photos coming next week)…

I was stupidly excited to learn that the Christmas market had pitched up in Southampton high-street, you could literally smell Christmas a mile off! It was predominantly German cuisine on offer, I wish I got a photo of the massive pan full of b-e-a-u-tiful looking hot dog sausages, I think I’ll make it a priority to nip back there for tea one night this week seeing as I only have spaghetti and a couple of chicken dippers left in my cupboard currently.



Also managed to track down a stall selling Belgian waffles for £2.50, was hoping to get one smothered in nutella but never mind, chocolate sauce was a close 2nd best.

And of course I couldn’t visit the highstreet without popping into H&M…


Okay, if you know me you’ll be aware of the fact that I’m always on the look out for stuff with my name on, this stems from a frustated 5-year-old version of myself hating her name because she could never find any keyrings with it on in shops – except of course the hilarious “Didn’t have your name” ones – wow they never get old, good one guys!! 

So when I saw this necklace in H&M I HAD to buy it, regardless of how much it cost or the fact that it is the tiniest bit tacky – I don’t give a crap, I feel this somewhat makes up for a childhood which was deprived of personalized mugs and pens.

ImageImageSorry about the very poor image quality of these leggings, it’s not easy to take photos in my uni room so I have to just stick it on self timer and pray for the best. Anyway until recently I passionately hated leggings, probably because when they became fashionable again people were wearing the really thin lycra ones as trousers when in reality they’re meant to act as TIGHTS! You know exactly what I’m talking about! 

Times have changed, now they have a bit more substance, the ones above are SOOOOOO comfy and such good quality, at £17 I think they’re something I could easily wear a lot and they go with pretty much everything so how could I not???????


God my skin looks awful today, I’ve recently invested in Mederma scar gel, to try and fade some of my acne scars, I’ve only been using it a few days any am already starting to see progress so after a month I’ll probably do a review and show you just how much it’s working. I actually bought it from ebay, I’ve never seen it in a shop – not even sure if it’s stocked in the UK, but I’ll tell you what compared to this stuff – Bio Oil looks like pathetic (does not work)


I was sent this rather fetching shower cap by the lovely people of savetheblowdry.com. The aim of the product is to keep your hair moisture free when going into the shower so you don’t need to waste your time blow drying it afterwards. It definitely does what it says on the tin and is a real time saver before a night out! It’d be a great mum/nan gift come Christmas, at £14.95, I wouldn’t call it particularly cheap but the proceeds got to the Khandel Light charity who provide fresh water and sanitation to under privileged countries across the world. So you wouldn’t only be giving someone a very practical gift you could actually be providing a child with clean water, so in that respect it’s very good value for money indeed!
I should probably add that it comes in a reusable wash bag, so in fact that’s sort of 3 gifts in 1 – WOWZA

It really puts those flimsy 50p ones you get in hotels to shame!!


Halloween – Scary V Sexy


Above is my costume from last year, I went for a low budget cat woman concept so literally just a black dress from Topshop, leather Zara jacket (from ebay), sheer tights and a handmade sequin mask which my Granny Juno bought me when I was about 8. Such a simple/lazy outfit which I loved but as I’ve got older I think the whole concept of Halloween has changed drastically.

I remember going ‘trick or treating’ with my mum and brother round our little village dressed as a witch with a fake warty nose made from this rank rubber material, next to my little brother who would’ve worked for ages on something like this:


(Apologies to Olly if you’re reading this)

It just seems to me that nobody really makes the effort with their costumes anymore, nearly always shop bought and always the same. In my opinion it’s the home made ones which really make the night what it is. Halloween is the time of year to be scaring spirits – not your bank balance!


Also another point which I think the movie ‘Mean Girls’ has illustrated somewhat is the fact that once you reach maybe 14+ Halloween becomes a night where “A girl can dress like a total slut and no one can say anything about it”. Has this become the reason why people bother with Halloween still? Or is it more down to the fact that the costumes produced by companies are all “sexy”, giving very little alternative? I’m assuming the latter but regardless this year I’m not going down that route, I’ve decided to go for a horrific look – made/styled myself which will most certainly keep to the traditional scary theme.

This year I’ll be stepping out as…


Shouldn’t be too hard seeing as this is literally what I look like when I get out of the shower…



Rita Ora named new face of Rimmel


Rimmel, an iconic high street make up brand with a legacy dating back to 1834. Previously the likes of Sophie Ellis Bextor, Georgia Jagger, Lily Cole, Zooey Deschanel and the legendary Kate Moss have been used to front Rimmel’s ad campaigns. What do all these women have in common? They’re all classy, chic and sophisticated, so the mind boggles as to why Rita Ora, a gobby Rihanna wannabe with a fairly middle of the road range of chart hits – none of which are particularly inspiring, would be given such an honour.

Ora is an attractive girl with a fairly unique look but when it comes to make up all she’s really known for is a bit of red lippy and her bleach blonde hair – hardly anything worthy of a brand with Rimmel’s status. Constantly being the subject of the tabloids and maybe better known to some for her friendship with it girl Cara Delevingne, Ora most certainly is not known for her style after being photographed at several events in very questionable outfits, my advice to Rita would be to either sack the stylist or bloody get one!


Photographed above at a Chanel show of all places, Rita thought it’d be a spiffing idea to pay homage to her feathered Image

…friends also known as ‘birds’. I can only imagine the look on Karl’s face when Rita rocked up looking like a budgie who’d manage to escape the aviary! I personally think that Rita will lower Rimmel’s credibility and respect in the industry, unless they’re suddenly buying into the whole beanie hat hipster style which to me is just cringe worthy. Beanies are something which should have just stayed in the 90s where they belong and that’s a fact.

Maybe I’m wrong, Rita might pull in a whole new demographic to buy Rimmel products or maybe we’ll just see chavs adopting the red lipstick trend and ruining it for the rest of us – only time will tell.