The Christmas Party Debate


The Jumpsuit is back and ready to change the face of Christmas parties everywhere

The little black dress- done right and it could be what makes him say; “All I want for Christmas is you!” get it wrong and the only thing on his lips will be the left over crumbs from the mince pies! With this month’s Christmas special of trend guide you’ll be guaranteed a kiss under the mistletoe whilst looking drop dead gorgeous in every reflective bauble in sight. Unlike years past, here in 2013 there is a new player in town, bringing a new twist on Christmas party outfits entirely – the little black jumpsuit! A few years ago the sheer thought of wearing a jumpsuit to a Christmas party would repulse fashionistas to their very cores but after being revived on the runway by designers such as Emma Cook, DKNY and Saint Laurent; this is one must-have outfit which is sure to revolutionise your wardrobe in full force. Potentially stealing the LBD’s title of “chicest outfit”, with its power silhouette and practical poise this is one staple no one will be removing anytime soon, so get ready to make your entrance and pick a side in the war of must-haves!

The infamous Coco Chanel is believed to be responsible for the uprising of the LBD, making it accessible to women of all classes via its versatility and simplicity meaning it could be dressed up or down for any occasion. An ethos which we still hold dear to our hearts today, there’s no doubt that even the most fashion phobic woman would feel comfortable and sexy whilst rocking a little black dress but have we become too reliant on this trusted trend? Does it really capture a room like it used to? Or do we need a new sustainable trend?

Enter the little black jumpsuit, the little black dresses new arch rival. Not only can it be dressed up and down like the dress but this piece is much more season appropriate, meaning the wearer can not only be warm through the biting winter winds but can also cover up the fact that she’s not shaved her legs since November without the guilt. The jumpsuit bounds back into fashion without the hideous prints from 2011, instead it’s been given a complete makeover and gone from ugly duckling to beautiful yet mysterious swan. Back in black, the high-street has been graced with the presence of jumpsuits made of everything from silk for smart to polyester for a sexy bodycon look. Missguided are leading the way on this particular bandwagon hosting a huge variety of jumpsuits all under £35, for a staple wardrobe piece that’s a very fair price.  With mesh and cut out panels being introduced to their designs the jumpsuit has never looked better, for the office wear with a blazer of your choosing (white perhaps?) and a statement necklace you’ll demand the respect of the boardroom in true fierce style. Then after work on a Friday night, hitting the town for once but being the powerful woman you, are you don’t have time to go through the debacle of emptying your wardrobe searching for something to wear because well with the jumpsuit you’re already wearing it. Ditch your blazer, whack on those killer heels and turn heads on the dance floor.

Now although the jumpsuit is a very practical choice in the seasonal department it has one major design floor which gives the LBD a slight edge- we might be able to trick men but the fact of the matter is that we cannot trick biology and the calls of nature. Meaning that to use the bathroom you have to pretty much completely undress, which quite frankly is ridiculous, time consuming and a little embarrassing! At that moment a lot of us would think; “Why didn’t I just wear a dress like everyone else?” This is the moment when we go running back, begging for forgiveness for betraying the trust and security of the little black dress like a friendly ex-boyfriend. That’s the appeal of the little black dress, the one option that can never fail; the option that goes with everything and never goes out of fashion. Generations past have taught us that this is a piece which can be worn at any age, by any body type and still look stunningly beautiful every year there’s a new twist added to this classic and this year’s is much like the jumpsuit: mesh, cut out panels and low necklines. However one look the jumpsuit cannot compete with is the ever so striking leg split, brought back into the spot light by Angelina Jolie on the red carpet, this subtle bond-girl look is one that will turn heads and win crowds till the sun goes down whilst leaving the rest to the imagination. With an outfit as powerful as the black split dress there’s very little need to accessorize or anything else – the dress does the talking for you.

Both the jumpsuit and the dress have numerous lists of redeeming qualities which should make them the one you choose, depending on your lifestyle you may even choose to go for both! For those of us not so well off in this financial climate it’s important to factor in which will stand the test of time whilst making you feel comfortable and beating off compliments with a stick. What do you want from an outfit? If your answer is to catch every eye in the room then you’d be better off with the jumpsuit but if you just want an outfit you can wear for multiple occasions in several different formats then the little black dress is probably more to your taste and convenience. The jumpsuit is certainly the braver choice of the two and definitely needs an element of confidence to pull it off sufficiently or if you just want to stray from the norm and try something new – well this Christmas my dear, the jumpsuit could be for you.


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