Isabella Blow Exhibition @ Somerset House


The Isabella Blow exhibition is 100% the best exhibition I have EVER been to, the whole thing was absolutely flawless and full of Isabella’s personality, Daphne Guinness could not have curated it better! Unfortunately the rules for taking photos inside were really strict so I’m limited to the ones on the website, which is a shame because I literally wanted to photograph everything like a Chinese tourist outside Big Ben. Not only this but the majority of pieces on show are not in cases making it EXTREMELY tempting to want to touch all the beautiful McQueen garments – no one can deny this woman owned the wardrobe of a goddess!


Even if your interest in fashion is minimal I’d be very surprised if you didn’t enjoy the exhibit, there’s so much to look at all with such poignant reasoning behind it, a favourite of mine was the sculpture you see on entry – formed from taxidermy crows and lipsticks to create a silhouette of Blow’s head which she had commissioned, just simply mindBLOWing.


Also if you don’t know much about Isabella, below is a link to the documentry which made me become obsessed with Alexander McQueen, if you have a spare hour it’s well worth the watch…


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