Fai-Ho’s Cold Survival Guide

If like me you’ve been hit in the face by a winter’s cold involving a soar throat, a snotty nose that just won’t quit and feeling shit in general then look no further for tips on how to get on with your life with a face full of snot and a smile on your face.


This is me today, it didn’t show up in the photo but my nose now resembles that of Rudolph and for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to take a selfie with a soother in my mouth so that’s why I look like a chipmunk. If it wasn’t for the following few items I probably wouldn’t leave my bed for a solid week due to the snot equivalent to Niagara Falls in the centre of my face.

In fact I was so bad today I had to leave the silent study area in the library due to my excessive sniffling!


Okay so my number 1 most important item on this table is not my iPhone but in fact the Hall’s Soothers to the right, they’re on BOGOF at Tesco currently and I think they cost me no more than about 50p, since purchasing I’ve been on these bad boys like a chain smoker and they taste SOOOOOOOOOO nice now – (they used to be really minging).


Number 2, a nice hot chocolate to warm you up – it’s like a hug in a mug really, I mean I know it’s probably not the best suggestion for a sore throat but it will temporarily make you feel a hell of a lot better.

Thirdly, go and get a decent book – being a huge Bridget Jones fan I’m currently reading Helen Fielding‘s latest installment ‘mad about the boy’ which is currently shaping up to be quite an amusing read but if that’s not really for you I strongly recommend you invest in a copy of Game Of Thrones – that’s 100% guaranteed to make you forget all about your cold in an instant *pinky promise, touch thumbs* !

The B-active stuff in the yellow and green packaging there is basically a cheaper version of Berocca, full of vitamins and tastes like orange juice it’ll get you back on the road to recovery in no time.

Now, I know you’ve spotted the teddy bear there and are thinking; “Really? You’re 19 – grow up for god’s sake” – You are WRONG, this is no ordinary teddy bear THIS is a M&S teddy bear microwavable teddy bear, which smells all lavender-ish and lovely whilst of course being nice and warm, it should help you get nicely off to sleep when you’re having a rough day.


And last but not least don’t forget about your feet (haha that rhymed), if your feet are cold there’s a good chance you will be so put on your snuggest pair of slipper socks and relax – you deserve it!  


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