Thor: The Dark World Review

Would you risk a penalty of death to save someone that you loved?

The picturesque realm of Asgard, where huge golden castles touch the sky and new age cyber-space technology glides across its glistening lakes , to many this could be envisaged as a perfect world however under threat from an evil tyrant who longs to plunge the universe into darkness; Asgard is now in great danger.

Forget the fairy tales and the ‘happily ever afters’, this time there will be no fairy god mothers, Prince Charmings or sweet/innocent princesses with exceptionally long hair. However we do have a hero, someone that puts others before themselves at all costs, whilst displaying incredible physical and mental strength- who in this case happens to not only be a god but also possess a face carved by angels!

Heir to the throne of Asgard, our protagonist refuses to obey the immoral decisions of his king – a crime punishable by death. Armed only with his trade-mark war hammer, the valiant hero realises his only option is to free a lethal prisoner from his heavily guarded cell, in a desperate attempt to save the universe from a plague of darkness. Our brave protagonist triumphs the odds against his greatest foe yet, prepared to sacrifice his own life for his mortal leading lady’s safety- going to the end of the world for her, as a rare void linking the nine realms reopens for the first time in 5000 years.

A suspense filled journey through the time-space continuum littered with action packed battles, amazing special effects, CGI and a complex long-distance relationship story line; No this is not the sequel to ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’, this is the long awaited  sequel to Marvel’s third avenger ‘Thor’!

Raking in a massive $500 million worldwide already, it’s clear this is one cinematic experience which is truly out of this world! Once again Marvel, creators of superheroes such as Spider Man and The Incredible Hulk did not disappoint, with astounding: cast, locations, costumes, graphics and of course plot- this could potentially make Thor one of their most successful motion pictures to date. Exhibiting a classic steady build up into the action; Chris Hemsworth portrays the strong and handsome Norse-god Thor, forced to battle alongside exiled brother Loki played by Tom Hiddleston whose devious traits and sharp tongue steal the show; the audience can’t help but fall in love with Loki’s wicked grin whilst debating where his allegiance lies. Hiddleston succeeds in creating the perfect villain who not only plays with the character’s minds but also the viewer’s – never sure if all they’re seeing is a mere illusion or in fact a vulnerable side to such a sly character.  Working so compatibly alongside Hemsworth, these two are a force to be reckoned with against the malevolent antagonist Malekith, played by Christopher Eccleson who intends to slay Thor’s love interest and astrophysicist Dr Jane Foster, portrayed by Natalie Portman in order to retrieve a treacherous element which has infected her body.

Portman and Hemsworth depict a prime example of unconditional love which unfortunately only works on the silver screen! As their worlds collide, the pair use their strengths to rescue each other throughout the movie. Portman begins as the token damsel in distress candidate but later turns into an aspiring bad-ass, using her intellect to combat the enemy who are attempting to infiltrate London.

Directed by Alan Taylor, who you may recognise as director of HBO’s, Game of Thrones; Taylor brings the same realism/fantasy clash to the big screen.  Creating an atmosphere which doesn’t leave people looking at their watches, wondering how long it’s got left, it simply consumes the spectator – making them part of this fantasy world. Thor: The Dark World is a film which definitely merited a 3D viewing as an obvious strength of the film would be the beautiful graphics used to turn the realm of Asgard into a believable utopia which hosts landscapes and technology we mortals can only dream of!

Thor: The Dark World, is one of those sequels where it’s imperative to see the predeceasing films first, otherwise the plot can prove confusing to new Marvel viewers who aren’t familiar with The Avengers concept but even so a thoroughly exhilarating cinematic experience that any super hero fan can enjoy.


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