Little Black Jumpsuit

From the dawn of time the little black dress has been the go-to Christmas party essential, so easy, so classy, so simple. I feel that we’ve become blinkered in our search for the perfect party outfit, not realizing that while yes black is an easy colour to wear for all body types -it doesn’t necessarily need to be worn on a dress. The facts are that December is BLOODY cold and wearing dresses that barely reach your thighs, aren’t exactly what I’d call sufficient thermal insulators.

Having stolen away your staple dress option at this point you’re probably thinking “SO WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR THEN FAITH?!”, Calm down dear I’m getting there!

The perfect and practical answer to your prayers is…DUN DUN DUN – The Little Black Jumpsuit

Ok so when they first came back into fashion a lot of us turned our noses up, which is understandable when you think of some of the ghastly prints they had but they’ve been well and truly revived this year. They’ve started slowly creeping their way back into the shops in black cut out formation and here are some of my favourites…

1Image 1 of ASOS PETITE Exclusive Cami Crepe Jumpsuit

Image 1 of Oasis Sheer Panel Jumpsuit

3Image 1 of ASOS PETITE Exclusive Unitard With High Neck And Cut Out Back


  1. ASOS – £30
  2.  Oasis £70
  3. ASOS – £35
  4. Missguided £44.99

As you can see ASOS is leading the way on this particular band wagon, and I’m impressed with the prices too!


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