5 reasons why you need to get a beanie …


Firstly I just wanna say that until recently I HATED beanies, I think it was because of their hipster connotations, the fact that people were wearing them during summer and that a lot of them were branded with: “YOLO” or “LOL”  – which I cannot be doing with. In all honesty I think the thing which ‘turned me’ to beanies was having a 9am lecture on a Monday morning every week, meaning that I’d usually wake up late, stumble to the kitchen for breakfast, maybe have a shower if I had time, slap on a bit of foundation and whatever clothes are lying around. I don’t like having to choose between either having to go in with greasy hair or no make up so I feel like the beanie is a perfect disguise for the tragic 9am bad hair days.

Okay so why should you invest?…

  1. They’re so cheap, mine was about £3 from Primark and it’s soooooo snug!
  2. They’re warm and stop your ears getting frostbite and falling off – never a good look guys, trust me
  4. You can get away with wearing them alongside most autumn/winter outfits, especially in black
  5. They’re practical AND make your forehead look significantly smaller, I know this because mine is HUGE!

Topshop have got a pretty good selection of them at the moment, I particularly like the cable knit ones, might have to treat myself again…



ciao xxxxx


4 thoughts on “5 reasons why you need to get a beanie …

  1. Yours is really nice with the embellishments!
    I’m looking for a beanie for a few months now but it is hard to find one that suits me, while everyone I see really looks good in one! I think that my head isn’t made for beanies or something haha :p
    But I’m going to keep searching!
    PS : I’m your newest follower on bloglovin, number 8 (name : Lyn De Sloovere , blog : Blonde Butterflies)
    Lots of love from the girl with the head that isn’t made for a beanie haha! xx

    • Thanks Lyn, I didn’t think they suited me either but now I’ve started wearing them I’ve had the odd compliment which is nice 🙂
      I followed you x

  2. totally agree with you! it’s good to have a go-to fashion fix for ‘those days’. what’s your summer version of a beanie? i know some people like using headscarfs a la 40s pin up, but they’re not very versatile style-wise.

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