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Guess who’s back, back again…

No I’m not on about Eminem, much like her friend the bear the one and only Lily Allen or should I say Cooper?! has returned from hibernation today with her sassy come back single Hard Out Here. I can see this becoming a new anthem for girls everywhere as Lily uses her satire skills to ridicule artists such as Robin Thicke and the underlying inequality which is forever present in our society.

ImageIn the video we see Lily getting liposuction to fit in with the expected pop star aesthetic of skinny, pretty and slutty. As well as the typical grinding a car and seductively washing up in the kitchen;

            “If you’re not a size 6 then you’re not good looking, well you better be rich or be real good at cooking.” 

I feel that Lily’s really highlighted the seedy portrayal of women which is often ignored in the music industry and in the real world too, women’s success shouldn’t be measured by having a big rack and a rich poncy husband – it should be down to working hard and achieving something, just the same as men.

I really hope people listen to songs like this and start to take some notice, not just men but I think it’s important for women to aspire to be more independent rather than pigeon holing themselves into the expectations society has laid out for us.

Despite the cheeky bit of auto tuning in the chorus, I love the song and cannot wait to hear the rest of the album!


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