I was sent this rather fetching shower cap by the lovely people of savetheblowdry.com. The aim of the product is to keep your hair moisture free when going into the shower so you don’t need to waste your time blow drying it afterwards. It definitely does what it says on the tin and is a real time saver before a night out! It’d be a great mum/nan gift come Christmas, at £14.95, I wouldn’t call it particularly cheap but the proceeds got to the Khandel Light charity who provide fresh water and sanitation to under privileged countries across the world. So you wouldn’t only be giving someone a very practical gift you could actually be providing a child with clean water, so in that respect it’s very good value for money indeed!
I should probably add that it comes in a reusable wash bag, so in fact that’s sort of 3 gifts in 1 – WOWZA

It really puts those flimsy 50p ones you get in hotels to shame!!


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