Out and About

Weekend in the city…

After nearly 3 months at university without seeing any friends from home I decided to pay my friend Steph a visit at her new home halls in Hampstead, London. For a weekend full of sight seeing, shopping, shopping, shopping!

When I arrived it was absolutely pissing it down and took me a good ten minutes to actually find Steph, who’d gone to the departure area rather than the arrivals! It then took us maybe a good 30 minutes to track down the right bus after being flashed by a drunk girl dressed up as a french maid and being yelled at by an irate bus driver with an accent I wasn’t at all familiar with.

After much deliberation we decided to spend Saturday in Camden, because despite living so close Steph had never been to the market there!

ImageWe fully explored all the nooks and crannies we could find, bartering as we went along of course. The poor student routine went down a treat and ended up with Steph getting £20 off a really nice emerald jumper from the market.

ImageFull of beautiful trinkets I literally could have spent my entire student loan in a day if I didn’t require food and alcohol transport.


I stupidly went out completely unprepared with no coat, a practically see-through top and rather uncomfortable boots for the day…but I still love this outfit regardless!

  • Leather Jacket – Zara
  • Top & Trousers – Primark
  • Bag- Justfab.co.uk
  • Boots- H&M

As you may have gathered the weather was of the crap variety – classic England, so it only seemed fitting to have a drink in the Winchester Costa till it all blew over.


Also if you do get a chance to explore in Camden the cyber dog shop is certainly worth a visit. It’s practically a rave inside, complete with dancers and strobe lighting – we actually had to queue to get in! I sneakily took a few photos before getting told off by a man with a mohawk…



Apologies for the poor image quality, I had to just use my iPhone camera as I stupidly left my camera battery back in sunny Southampton!


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