Halloween – Scary V Sexy


Above is my costume from last year, I went for a low budget cat woman concept so literally just a black dress from Topshop, leather Zara jacket (from ebay), sheer tights and a handmade sequin mask which my Granny Juno bought me when I was about 8. Such a simple/lazy outfit which I loved but as I’ve got older I think the whole concept of Halloween has changed drastically.

I remember going ‘trick or treating’ with my mum and brother round our little village dressed as a witch with a fake warty nose made from this rank rubber material, next to my little brother who would’ve worked for ages on something like this:


(Apologies to Olly if you’re reading this)

It just seems to me that nobody really makes the effort with their costumes anymore, nearly always shop bought and always the same. In my opinion it’s the home made ones which really make the night what it is. Halloween is the time of year to be scaring spirits – not your bank balance!


Also another point which I think the movie ‘Mean Girls’ has illustrated somewhat is the fact that once you reach maybe 14+ Halloween becomes a night where “A girl can dress like a total slut and no one can say anything about it”. Has this become the reason why people bother with Halloween still? Or is it more down to the fact that the costumes produced by companies are all “sexy”, giving very little alternative? I’m assuming the latter but regardless this year I’m not going down that route, I’ve decided to go for a horrific look – made/styled myself which will most certainly keep to the traditional scary theme.

This year I’ll be stepping out as…


Shouldn’t be too hard seeing as this is literally what I look like when I get out of the shower…



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