Winter is coming.


It’s time to say au revoir to spring/summer and bonjour to autumn/winter, as I reluctantly dig out last year’s knit wear collection and start debating whether it’s cold enough to start wearing coats outside again; definitely was in Southampton today!



In fact whilst hopelessly wandering around Zara yesterday, I fell head over heels in love with their knit wear and B-E-A-Utiful coats! To the extent where I was putting my maths GCSEs to good use and working out how many I could buy without having to starve myself for the rest of the semester! The quality and textures were just fantastic, and I was pleasantly surprised with the fact that I could get a one for around £69, for something of such quality that will get years of use – I just think that in this case it’s a real investment.


I’m currently planning to save for the one above, it also comes in black, navy and moss green – the green I’m reallllllly not keen on so I’m just going to pretend that never happened! Although in shops such as New Look you could get a nice looking coat for less than £40, which is great and all but in all honestly every coat I’ve bought like that has lasted about a year if that. Paying an extra £20 could get you another two years worth of use, so surely it’s worth saving for quality rather than convenience?

 I bought this double breasted navy coat from New Look last year, it’s nice and all but the signs of wear started showing really fast and I didn’t find it particularly warm, the lining was quite nice but in all honesty it still looked a little cheap – not quite sleek enough, practical but just not everything I want from a coat. That’s why this year I won’t hesitate to pay £70 for a coat that ticks all the right boxes.  snow


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