A month on from a very memorable edition of the VMA Awards, featuring a former Disney star dry humping a gentleman who resembled Beetle-juice and a cheeky foam finger but we’re all STILL talking about it!
Miley’s VMA performance will probably go down as one of the most talked about musical events of the year, I just wonder – if it was any other pop star doing the exact same thing, would it still be classed as ‘attention seeking’? Lady Gaga also performed at the awards wearing no more than a thong and sea-shell bra which barely covered her boobs, but nobody really seemed to care about that!
Let’s get down to the real root of the problem here, I think deep down everyone still sees Miley as the bright and innocent Hannah Montana who so many little girls worship to the moon and back. Well news flash people, Hannah Montana is a character and that show ended years ago so get the hell over it! I’m not going to sit here and make out like I’m a massive fan of hers because I’m not, it just doesn’t make sense to me that people are so stuck in the past that they can’t allow a young 20 something year old to experiment with her own life and live it how she wants!
Cyrus has caused a stir of such magnitude that imitation VMA performance outfits are being sold on ebay for over £100! If anything this girl’s made even more of a name for herself and by discussing her/ ‘hating on’ her, all people are really doing is making her even more famous! If this is how she wants to express herself then let her, if she wants to ride around naked on a wrecking ball and if she wants to rub a foam finger against her lady parts then LET HER! She is not that little girl from the Disney channel, she’s a grown woman who’s trying to find her own identity having lived her life in the spotlight and the sooner people accept that the better! In fact she’s a grown woman worth about $150 million so maybe we could all take a marketing lesson from Miss Miley, be different, make people talk because those who stand out are often those who succeed…unless you’re one of those gold people who stand in Covent Garden pretending to be statues – doesn’t pay too well in my experience.


2 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus: Freak or Marketing Genius?

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