Bought it on Ebay/ How to use Ebay


Miss Selfridge blazer, £11  Kurt Geiger, Carvela grey/blue suede platform heels £20  River Island £5

I think people don’t really realize that you really don’t have to spend a lot of money to have nice clothes, or are maybe a bit snobby towards the idea of an item once being worn by someone else. I’m here to tell you, you need to get rid of these stupid pretentious ideas immediately! The fact is on ebay you can buy an item which has been worn once, practically brand new maybe still with the original labels on BUT at roughly 70% less than the original retail price – it’s just knowing how to search effectively…

Top Tips:

1. Organize your search with “items ending soonest”

2.  Try and put a fairly basic search, e.g – ‘Topshop 6’

3. READ THE DESCRIPTION, I can guarantee you’ll thank me later for this one when your coat doesn’t come with a massive rip down the side that the seller has “forgotten” to photograph

4. Place a max bid and STICK TO IT, once you’ve placed a max bid leave it, do not spend money that you do not have!

5. If the item doesn’t end for a while “Watch” the item before bidding and jump in with a bid at the end of an auction

(Those shoes in the picture were worn once, in mint condition and originally worth nearly £200! Bargain of the year!!!)

Through out the year I’ll continue posting outfits I’ve bought on ebay/in the sales and show you just how easy it really is to save money whilst still looking hot to trot


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