Why I love batiste dry shampoo…


This stuff can only be described as god in a can, I’d used other dry shampoo products in the past such as VO5 and Tresemme – neither particularly fantastic buys and I was beginning to lose my faith in the whole miracle dry shampoo concept until I made eye contact with this tall, dark and handsome specimen across the aisles at Superdrug. It was love at first sight as my eyes latched onto the £1.00 offer label, I knew from the start this was a match made in heaven when I picked up on the fact that is particular can was directed for use on brunettes so there was less of the nasty white bits left behind in your hair after use. It was so quick and simple to use, if like me when it comes to hair you’re generally a lazy bastard then this is definitely for you. For those days when you just think to yourself  “I can’t be arsed”, with anything and certainly not the hassle that is attached to washing/drying your hair before a 9am lecture.

Simply spray onto your roots, leave in for about a minute and PAZAAAAM the grease is gone! In this case it really does what it says on the tin, an absolute must have for the busy and the lazy – unite together to combat the unwashed/hungover/Les Miserable look and buy some Batiste dry shampoo immediately!


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