Making a go of it

So I’m a student now, I’ve been here about two weeks and have finally started my course! I’ve been a country side/farm girl for the past 19 years so coming to a place like Southampton where I can literally cross the road and have a look round Debenhams is seriously strange to me! I like to think of myself as a “strong independent woman”, so when I came here and wanted nothing more than to have a hug from my mum back home it was a struggle to say the least.
It just feels totally surreal that this is my life now for the next 3 months, I’m not much of a chef so cooking as become my new worst enemy, on 2 occasions I’ve nearly given my self food poisoning which probably proves that I’m reeeeally not a patient person. Which is why I was so pleased when my beautiful student loan came in a couple of days ago, I’m allowing myself the odd luxury (H&M leather ankle boots), but I’m trying this new thing where I don’t buy everything I see and save money so I can actually afford to eat…I’m not dead yet so I guess I’m doing okay so far!
I’ve had a couple of feeble attempts at fashion blogs before but I’m not going to lie they were both absolutely horrific and I’ve got half a mind to delete them before somebody finds them and ruins all potential career prospects I ever had in this industry, I’m actually gonna make a real go of it this time and gradually make the posts more frequent so stick with me and I’ll try my best!


Making a go of it


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